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Ayahuasca Ceremonies

It goes without saying that the ego is petrified of ayahuasca. It fears both the unknown and loss of control, but ayahuasca requires that we relinquish control; doing so is the only way to objectify the ego and see its workings in action. It allows you to step back from it and see the constant taunts, reminders, narcissistic notions and fixations with the past or future.

Ayahuasca makes it undeniably clear that we are holding ourselves back from being in the places we want to be; at the same time it cuts through the fantasies we harbour and helps us to see how pointless so many of our preoccupations are. It filters out the negative and offers you a choice. 

Do you want to be ruled by your ego, fears and trivial concerns, or do you want to be brutally honest with yourself? Do you want to admit to and deal with your issues so that you can move past your blockages in life? If you have the guts – and serious guts it takes – to choose the latter, the rewards are huge. The voice of ayahuasca is unmistakable and the wisdom imparted profound. However, occasionally the ego is so strong that even the plants lose the battle with it

ayahuasca requires that you not only purge psychologically (crying, laughing, shouting, sighing, even raging) but physically too. This part is often really puts people off trying it: vomiting and diarrhea don’t occur for everyone but they are certainly a possibility

The sacred medicine Ayahuasca in Quechua means “rope of death”. This is a reference to the death of negativity as an opportunity for the rebirth of positivity. The plant has been used as part of Inca cultures throughout the Amazonian basin. Our practice here at Etnikas combines Shipibo cultural rituals, including the icaros chanting, with other ceremonies derived from the cultures of the high Andean mountains. It allows people to open their eyes to the  majestic Pachamama, to celebrate and be grateful to her with an open mind and heart. The purpose of the ceremony is to find an alignment between the individual, Wiracocha (God) and Pachamama. This alignment allows one to understand the importance of living in harmony with, as opposed to dominance over, nature.

Ayahuasca medicine is used to treat PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Addiction. Ayahuasca is an ancient ancestral medicine used by the Incas throughout the Andean Communities for hundreds of years.

Includes: Meeting with our Shaman in his native community and home.

A deep explanation of the medicine and the history, a 3 day diet and stay, Yoga, Meditation and 2  dose of the medicine. 

The fee is $450.00 USD per person.

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