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Camping Trips


This Jungle Survival Tour is for those who would like to experience the true indigenous Amazon lifestyle as well as build up and hone their individual jungle survival skills and techniques.


As a 24/7 personal guide, I will navigate with a group of maximum 5 people, (which includes a spanish-speaking boat driver) into the deep Amazon forest to explore the Peruvian wildlife.

We will access the jungle from an entry point to several  Lakes and navigate during 3 to 4 days to another exit opportunity point in Ramal 14 out of the forest.

The range of possible activities included are:

  • Spear-fishing

  • Climbing Trees​

  • Imitating Animal Sounds

  • Making a Fire with Stones and/ or Special Wood & Preparing Fish to Roast

  • Long Hours of Jungle Hiking

  • Collecting Amazon Fruits to Eat & Finding Useful Plants for Medicinal & Other Purposes

  • Building a Camp with Palm Leaves and Sticks & Sleeping in the Jungle

  • Learning How to Paddle a Small Canoe Across the Lake

  • Watching Out for Snakes and Other Wild Reptiles on the Paths & in the Trees

  • Please note that you will always have to make use of all your five senses in order to remain alert and aware to the dangers which surround us in the jungle!

  • Especially at night when we can only use a simple flashlight to navigate through the jungle... !





you... !

The main challenge of this tour is, that once we have found an ideal spot to set up our camp in the forest and built a shelter out of palm leaves and sticks for the overnight stays, we will have to search for our daily meals on each day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)! This will be primarily done by setting out traps, fishing nets and searching for edible plants in the afternoons.

we will also personally show and teach you a range of possible tricks and techniques to survive in the jungle (both on land and in the river) during the whole jungle survival tour.

You can choose from a simple exploration or a deep expedition with our expert guides, native to the amazonas and surrounding jungle landscape.
On this tour, we will be hinking deep in the dense Amazon jungle, spotting monkeys, birds, snakes and more in their natural habitats. We will be seeing and climbing historic gigantic trees, and navigating through the rivers looking for pink dolphins. In addition, in the summer season (July through November), we will be bathing in the Amazonian beaches, rubbing high protein mud on our bodies.
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