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 Itinerary 5 Days 4 Nights

DAY - 1

Reception at: Hotel or Airport with a LUPUNA JUNGLE TOURS team member (Naturalist guide) will be there waiting to greet you, then we take a private car (1 Hour ½, approx.) to go to Nauta City, (Nauta’s port located on Marañon River), then we will take our typical wooden roofed boat to sail 2 hours roughly toward Lodge, along the rivers Marañon, Amazon, Ucayali and Yarapa, (our lodge is situated in Yarapa River). During this first navigation you might see some river birds, dolphins and river people activities.

LUNCH TIME: Table Service / Buffet Self-Service



Have you ever tried walking in the jungle? Walking through the nature is one of the best therapy by breathing pure air and learning about the plants medicines is the best way to deal with stress is to go out on a nature walk.


Over 50,000 species of plants growing as shrubs, vines, bushes and giants tress forming this unique environment in the world, which some of them are medicinal, toxics or psychedelics, our list is big but have you ever heard about the AYAHUASCA (Banisteiopsis caapi) that means “Soul vine”; CHACRUNA (Psychotria viridis) with the strongest DMT in the whole world;  UÑA DE GATO =  CAT’S CLAW; You will enjoy with every step you take by learning and recognizing the healing properties of the plants used by our ancestors since centuries ago and until nowadays. Also you will find some exotics flowers, fungus, some animals, birds, etc.  

 So, Welcome to the Jungle, the lung of the world and our natural pharmacy reserve.


This excursion last how much longer you want to, so we recommend just coordinate with your guide.

DINNER TIME: Table Service / Buffet Self-Service


We go out to the black lakes 40 minutes away from the lodge by boat, along the river you can spot some others animals such as snakes, opossums, bats, monkeys, etc. to look for some caimans sometimes is not easy but for us is nothing is impossible and if you want to take a closer picture to the caimans our guide can catch it and then release it.

DAY - 2


You must wake up at 5:30 am and going out at 5:45 from our BASE CAMP in our excursion  boat to the main river, then we turn off the boat in the middle of the river  and keep in silence  for 5 minutes to enjoy this nice moment  by contemplating with the river’s whisper and bird’s whistles. The sunrise lasts about 15 minutes and we can appreciate the sun coming out from the clouds do to the high humidity of 90 % in the jungle.

 After this we go upstream to look for wildlife along the river that you might find one the way some animals such as dolphins, Iguana, haws, terms, small, herons, and black skimmers, etc.). Then we go back to the BASE CAMP. This excursion is short but very interesting and marvel. May last 1 hours approx.



We go up river  and enjoying the Amazon, over 2,000 species of fish such as, Peacock bass, barracuda, sardines, catfish, and other, it is time stroll  through  catching  many Piranhas in some lakes deep in the area and bring it to the lodge, try to eat this yummy fish and have the experience to taste one of the most dangerous fish on Earth.

If you are fisher man, this is a great opportunity to spend half day catching many fish by enjoying with some beer and the jungle sounds.

We will provide you our local fishing road called (fishing stick) and bait, but if you have at home your fishing kit please bring it with you. At the end of the excursion, we have to do a donation to the Mother Nature for letting us to catch some fish in its water, so best donation a small piece of our finger. (Enjoy the Amazon with a little sense of humor). This excursion may last the time that you want to spend outside.



Heading out downstream from our BASE CAMP in out typically wooden boat along Ucayali River for 30 minutes one way to get the Amazon River and see this wonderful river. Once we get there, we stop the boat and touch the water, take pictures, listen to the nature and the Naturalist Guide will explain about this river with more details after this we keep sailing  along the river, exploring  more wild life that You might find some animals such as monkeys, dolphins, birds, sloths, iguanas, etc. This excursion may last 4 hours approx. round trip.


In our way back to the lodge along Ucayali River we will enjoy the open sky in the middle of the river, so we will combine next excursion:



We get ready to get in the jungle by using our rubber boots which is the best way to walk in the bush and let’s meet and look for some strange creaturessuch us: night monkeys, opossum, snakes, frogs, toads, bullet ants, spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, insects, small reptiles,awl,etc.

DAY - 3




It is time to stretch the legs, move the body, so Amazon Jungle hike is highly recommended for those who like the adrenaline and adventure to get into the amazon rainforest to explore it and learn in this time about the local medicinal plants used by our Amazonian tribes, look for big trees such as: kapok tree, Ficus, Amazon mahogany and also the famous tree during the history of the Amazon “The rubber tree”. Along the hike we look for some animals like: Monkeys, birds, rodents, spiders, ants, insects, snakes, etc.

The best time to do this activity is right after the breakfast, because animals are moving everywhere looking for food and also we will provide you Rubber boots that makes you feel comfortable and safe during the hike in the jungle against small ants, spiders, insects, and snakes on the ground.  This excursion may last about 4 or 5 hours back and forth





Have you ever heard about fresh water Pink dolphins and swim with them? This is not a fairy tale…it is the Amazon, where the sun rises with the flip of the pink dolphin and goes down with the eyes of a sloth.

We take you everywhere in order to look for this mammal cetaceous, pink and gray dolphins, sometimes both species tend to be almost together, but mostly separated…however  the pink dolphin is a lonely one, the only reason when they are in pair is because the mama dolphin is with its offspring.

You must bring a good phone or camera and we highly recommend to do recording, It is hard to take pictures of them because they pop up quickly to the surface and this is the perfect time to cool down by swimming on the waters of the mighty Amazon River. This excursion may last 2 or 3 hours approx.



Do you think is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream? Don’t lose hope!!! You will fully enjoy the sun set into the nature, skipping through dewy trees or cruising along an apparently quiet river called Amazonas. A perfect time in between (5:45 to 6:15) to cherish one of the most stunning sun glints on the mighty Amazon River and also a splendorous afterglow in the sky.


This is on the most relaxing way to end up the day, you can take with you a bottle of wine and make a toast for being on the Amazon, a marvel place enjoying the breathtaking view and refreshing breeze, also during this excursion … you might find some animals such as grey dolphins or pink one, small flock of birds (egrets,  small parrots, black skimmers, terns… or maybe on the way back to the lodge suddenly you can find a caimans…who knows… anyway, jungle is a place of full surprises, just enjoy it.

This excursion can be combined with other one connected to the big river and last longer and enjoy more time as much as you can.




After have enjoyed many remotes, strange and beautiful areas along the rivers, lakes and see bunch of animals at daytime, it is time to enjoy the night by going out by boat and stare the sky and count how many starts are up there or maybe wait for a shooting star then you make a wish, find different constellations or planets founded in this south hemisphere, well… it sounds more than your dreams or illusion… remember, this is the wonder world called Amazon Rainforest.

You can bring a bottle of wine and lie down on your seat and see up the sky and enjoy the jungle therapy, made by our night friendly gentles animals.

This excursion may last 1 hours approximate.

DAY - 4





The National Reserve Pacaya-Samiria, is one of the pristine area located at 1 hour away from our BASE CAMP, this place offer you a natural habitat for wildlife   with  a land of 20,800 km2 (8,000 sq. mi), is the most important , extensive and diverse set of floodplain ecosystem located in the Peruvian  Amazon. We will try to explore new remote areas, ox-bow lakes, streams and spotting for more animals and take a lot of pictures for memories.


We have breakfast as usual at the BASE CAMP, then our cook will get ready our  BOX LUNCH to take with us in our adventure toward the National Reserve, so we head out  as soon as we finish breakfast and sail downstream  of Ucayali River for 1 hour approx. until to get to our destiny.   Taking advantage of being here, we cannot skip Piranha Fishing being here in the black water of this place, as you have already prepared you Lunch, the Naturalist Guide and the boat driver will look for an open place in the jungle and will teach you how to make fire and cook or fry the Piranha and you can serve it and enjoy it, by the way… Piranhas taste so good! You can spot animals such as (dolphins, monkeys, small and big birds, iguanas, snakes, anteaters, sloth, ocelot, etc.)

We provide you a lot of treated water in this excursion.

Giant Amazon Lily Pads Watching


Come to enjoy this specie of flowering plant, the largest water leaf of the word called Amazon Lily pads, its amazing large leaf reaching 3 meters (10 Ft) in diameter and along with its beautiful flower from white, pinkish and purplish color (named in the Amazon as: Victoria Regia). These plants are founded in mid-size streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands (Lentic Water Ecosystem).

To search this plants, we take our local typical boat and sailing up and down river in order to find this giant aquatic plant and along the way always trying to spot more animals as usual we do in each different excursion.


DAY - 5




The rive people always live in small villages along the river, because river is their main way to go everywhere, to get fish for food and for sale, some villages does not have treated water at home so sometimes get water from river or rain, this jungle dweller do their own best to live here by getting the supplies from nature and others makes very beautiful handicrafts in order to get some money.


To visit and learn the local culture, beliefs, lifestyle, dialects, education, etc. is one way to do some interaction and feel the real life of the Amazon People, the children are always happy to meet new friends from all over the world, and if you brought some school supplies this is the time to give them away and make them smile and light up their happiness


Head back to Iquitos city

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  • Transport in and out from the airport 

  • All meals

  • Private english speaking guide

  • Your choice of excursions


              Not included

  • Flights to Iquitos

  • Drinks or any liquors

  • Laundry

  • Souvenirs

  • Tips



Rates are per guest 375 US$   

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