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Plant Medicines

The Amazon rainforest is known for its rich biodiversity. There are rare plants that have been used, and are still being used today for their powerful medicinal properties. Get away from traditional chemical medicines and come a step further towards health in a coherent organic way, aknowledging that we are connected and are part of this Earth, as well as all the food and medicine we need. From anxiety to infertility, to cancer and AIDS, these medicinal plants have long been used to heal all of humankind’s ailments- and there are still more to be discovered. Some of the specimens found are: Wasai, Lapacho, Cordoncillo, Tawari Tree Bark, Sodo, Pusangade Motelo, Cola de Raton, Canelilla, Suma, Shapumvilla, among others. We will also discover new uses of some already well-known species. 


Our expert plant medicine guides, who are native to the jungle, can introduce you to the wide wide variety of plant medicines native to the Amazon according to what your interests are.

You choose the intensity of your search and we guide you through it.

We can teach you to recognize and use most medicines in just a couple of days, or you can choose to learn how to survive in the jungle.

Our fee per day per person is $60.00 USD 

2 days and 1 night minimum stay

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